Impeto Medical, France

Impeto Medical manufactures and markets devices which non-invasively screen for Diabetes and complications due to Diabetes. Impeto’s devices measure sweat electrochemical conductance through their proprietary USFDA approved technology and use this to predict insulin resistance and the presence of complications.

Early detection of Diabetes Risk

EZSCAN -Non- Invasive screening for diabetes

It is well established that the conventional methods of diabetes screening (Fasting Sugar, Glycosylated Hemoglobin) are able to diagnose less than 60% of patients with diabetes, and that too at a late stage. There is a need for a non-invasive mass screening tool which is able to detect diabetes at a stage when it is still reversible. Recent studies have shown that sympathetic innervation of eccrine sweat glands is progressively reduced at very early stages in the evolution of diabetes.

As Impeto’s technology is built around diagnosing sudomotor abnormalities, it has developed a revolutionary device, EZ Scan, for the screening of diabetes, and quantification of diabetes risk

  • Identify patients with metabolic syndrome (MS) and Diabetes
  • Assess the risks of diabetic complications
Early detection of Diabetes Complications

SUDOSCAN assesses sudomotor function, and quantifies the risk of complications due to diabetes, particularly, peripheral neuropathy, cardiac autonomic neuropathy and nephropathy.

SUDOSCAN An innovative device for the early detection of diabetes complications powered by SUDOSCAN.

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SUDOSCAN has proved to be a reproducible and quantitative test method which is not influenced by level of glycaemia,and has consistently outperformed conventional tests.