Urinary Catheter Flow Meter


A competitive product to any urine monitoring device, in price, accuracy and features. It accurately measures the urine output (flow rate & amount) of a catheterized patient.
This convenient and simple to operate device provides a real-time continuous and accurate measurement of the urine flow rate of a catheterized patient on a second-to-second basis and therefore can be used as one of the patient's vital signs.
The data is presented on a display unit mounted on the patient’s bad, while the probe is easily mounted between any standard catheter and any urine collecting bag. The data transferred via Wi-Fi to the nurses station and there presented graphically and correlated to other hemodynamic parameters.

Fits any kind of catheter and urine bag
A battery operated device
Smaller volume of disposal elements
Built-in alarm for indicating a deteriotation in patiant status
Eliminates the need fo a collecting bag
Low cost

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