All services are customizable and are provided on site at the workplace.

History and Risk Assessment, through optimally designed questionnaires
Testing (Targeting major chronic diseases which affect productivity):

  1. Anthropometric Measurements:
  2. Height, Weight Body Mass Index Waist-Hip Ratio

  3. Body Fat Percentage
  4. Pulse Rate
  5. Blood Pressure
  6. EZ Scan- Diabetes Risk assessment
  7. EndoPAT & Pulsecor- Cardiovascular Risk assessment
Consultation with a physician
Health Education and awareness Talks (smaller groups)
Review and monitoring programs
Reporting to both individuals and the management – A collective report to the management shows the collective health of various business units with easy to interpret charts and suggested improvement measures

We ensure a rapid turnaround time, so that the employee is back at his desk after testing and consultation in under an hour.